The Unfunded Mandate of Climate Change

by Fran Sussman

A recent post here on CD&S argued that greater attention should be paid to the literature on economic impacts of climate change in the National Climate Assessment.  That argument has been taken a step further in a report from the Center on American Progress (CAP), coauthored by Fran Sussman (CD&S) with Cathleen Kelly (CAP) and Kate Gordon of The Next Generation (TNG).  The report, Climate Change: An Unfunded Mandate, argues that, by failing to take aggressive action on climate change, Congress is imposing an unfunded mandate on the budgets of state, local, and tribal governments—the costs of repairing and rebuilding infrastructure, treating illness, making institutional change, and preparing for the future by making human systems and infrastructure more resilience to projected climate change. (more…)


The aggregate cost of adapting to climate change in the US

by Fran Sussman

Not too long ago, I co-authored an article, “Climate change adaptation cost in the US:  What do we know?” which surveyed the state of knowledge on adaptation costs in the U.S.  The article is forthcoming in Climate Policy and a pre-publication version of the article is available on the short papers page.  While the article made strides in expanding our understanding of the literature on adapting to climate change in the U.S., there was one thing it did not do—tell us how much is is going to cost.  This post takes a stab at that. (more…)

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