Welcome to the home of climate dollars & sense

Mission statement:  to stimulate discussion on topics relating to the economics of climate change.

Policy analysts, public and private sector decision makers, and the general public are increasingly asking for economic assessments of climate choices:  How much will it cost to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and how should we design policies that cut emissions?  What will the economic damages be if we don’t act or if we do?  How much is it going to cost to make our infrastructure less vulnerable to the vagaries of climate?  And….how do all these costs change if we wait to take action?

Peeling back the onion and seeing what really underlies an analysis is not easy to do.  Ideally, we would want to know the tools that are used and the assumptions that are made in generating results, as well as the of the tools and techniques.  We would want to know if the analysis is complete–what aspects of the real world are missing? We want to know how uncertain or certain the results are.  Above all, we want to know how to interpret what the analysis finds.

The posts and short papers on this blogsite will be devoted to just that:  trying to provide some insights into economic analyses of climate change.

It’s perhaps an ambitious undertaking, but the collective consciousness of economists is surely up to the task.   So come back and comment freely and often.  And bring a sense of humor.  The dismal profession needs a laugh every now and then.

All content is copyright Fran Sussman 2013

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