RBG Cult Hero at the Newseum

In the days of my youth we used to line up for concerts so we could be there when the door opened and get a good seat.  Now we line up for Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We still sit in the back (never important enough to be in the front of the theater), but the sound systems are better these days.  Of course our hearing is worse, so it evens out.

Thursday, Feb 23, the Newseum in Washington DC co-hosted an event for RBG and the co-authors of her new book “My Own Words” — a compilations of letters and other writings.

With wit and wisdom, and with humor and humanity, Justice Ginsburg reminded us of our liberties and what they mean. She told a story of how far we have come on this road (and intimated how far we have yet to go).  She spoke of the importance of dialogue and debate (but not divisiveness).

The messages were positive, but also cautionary.  The hour was a telling reminder of the  guiding principles of the Constitution and the importance of a United States society that is humane, welcoming, and–above all–free from the taint of Big Brother.

Thank you, Justice Ginsburg.







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